How the Biden Administration Could Impact Retirement and Tax Planning

The resident of the White House has changed, and along with this shift come changes in perspective and policy. Taxes, wages and other financial touches on our daily lives will see at least some shift, and the landscape will change more over time.

We put together this webinar, "How the Biden Administration Could Impact Retirement and Tax Planning," to offer insight as our country navigates these changes. Our host, Jamie Hopkins, is the Director of Retirement Research at Carson and a nationally-recognized voice in financial planning.

The on-demand webinar goes over:

  • How COVID relief packages could affect the markets
  • Tax reform 2.0 - what might a change in power in D.C. mean for tax policy for individuals and corporations?
  • How student loans could affect young professionals and changes to Social Security could affect retirees
  • What regulatory reforms might be on the horizon
  • And more!

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